The PDC Technology 

Crude Oil is a product derived from Biomass.

We will continue to derive this product from Biomass, however in the Future it will come from Biomass currently active in the Carbon cycle.

It will not be recovered from the depth of the earth, where its carbon content is securely stored.
And despite being produced from Biomass, there will also be no need to compete with Food production.
This Oil will be produced from the by-products of activity involving organic materials, and in this way also become a solution to the growing problem of waste disposal.

After many mistakes made by researchers and developers to harness the energy in biomass through pyrolysis, gasification and the Fischer - Tropsch - Synthesis, we now know that the only real solution is chemical-catalytic, at temperatures below 300 degrees Celsius.

PDC = chemical-catalytic pressureless conversion to oil
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